Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Review: Various Artists- Eclipse Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Twilight is a part of American culture sadly. But the marketing genius' have made sure to spare nobody. The soundtracks to Eclipse and New Moon have featured artists respectable to just about everyone except for the demographic for Twilight, since you know, they'd much rather listen to Adam Lambert than Thom Yorke, and probably can't tell you that Beck's first album was called "Mellow Gold".

The wait for the soundtrack was a good one, artists being announced one at a time, and they had some heavy hitters. The likes of Muse, The Black Keys, The Dead Weather, Vampire Weekend, and Band of Horses getting tracks on the coveted soundtrack, sadly, it could be said that most of these contributors left their dignity at the door, offering nothing but b-side material, some that would've been best not to have been heard at all.

Metric kicks things off with "Eclipse" but it sounds mailed in, much like the band on their latest album "Fantasies". Muse deliver the single from the album "Neutron Star Collision", a song so over the top and full of cheese, that it would've felt at home on last year's shit sandwich album "The Resistance".

The Bravery follow with a horrible synthpop tune in "Ours" that sounds like the worst song The Killers have ever put to tape, and after all, The Killers kinda suck to begin with. A Florence and the Machine track comes next, making for the first of only four good tracks out of this 15 song marathon.

Tracks by The Black Keys, Vampire Weekend, The Dead Weather, and Band of Horses, sound absolutely flat and mailed in, with the latter being the most boring song on the album not credited to Howard Shore. The choices in these songs are poor, making for a huge misfire to convert young fans who otherwise would have no interest in these bands who aren't dominating Top 40 radio.

There are some good tracks though. Beck and Bat for Lashes make "Let's Get Lost" a duet that's as fun and interesting as it is dark. UNKLE and The Black Angels breeze through "With You In My Head" making it the best song off the soundtrack. Unknown band Eastern Conference Champions make due with "A Million Miles An Hour", showing up the indie counterparts who are cock of the walk.

The album has some big names, but ends up being a complete dissapointment on most ends. These songs were left on the cutting room floor and should've stayed there. The soundtrack comes off as trying a little too hard to be cool and it shows, in the end, it doesn't pay off, but would you think any less coming from the Twilight banner?

** out of *****

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