Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review: Los Lobos- Tin Can Trust

First off, there's the door. If you think of Los Lobos as that one band that remade La Bamba and haven't done anything since, leave. For the rest of us, Los Lobos have been putting out album after album for over 30 years and have shifted styles to just about everything while not losing their Mex-Rock appeal. If you don't know where to begin with the band, you're in luck. Tin Can Trust is the perfect introduction for those checking in.

The album greatly showcases the musical abilities of this band, I remarked to my daf that every other song seemed to have two bitchin' guitar solos and even one track, "Do the Murray" is just dedicated to showing of the talents with no vocals whatsoever, just straight up rock. And really, this album straight up rocks, the more upbeat tunes oon this album carry it and keep it from being a bore that one may have expected.

Many styles are visited here. "On Main Street" could easily pass off as a lo-fi indie rock track that P4K or Stereogum would splooge over. "Yo Canto" is a kick ass number done in spanish with the exact chicano rock stylings fans have expected. It's a fist pumper in a very different way. The other non-english track "Mujer Ingrata", is one that would feel right at home at Market Square during Fiesta week in San Antonio, or an East L.A. BBQ.

The lowest points on this album are when the band slows down. It's not that these songs themselves are bad, but smack dab in the middle of the album gives it an uneven feel. "Lady and the Rose" and "Jupiter on the Moon" aren't poor songs, but poorly placed on an album that thrives when it's at its fastest. But if the songs weren't on the album, it would probably leave the elder crowd grasping for air with how fast this album moves.

Los Lobos are a little more than a critically acclaimed band, they're the standard for chicano rock. The past decade was great for them as it brought plenty of acclaim and interest the band hadn't generated in years. This album will hopefully continue that streak. They won't be the biggest band in the world, but they sure as hell deserve your attention. For a band many can consider the Mexican Wilco or Chicano Radiohead, we can only hope that Hidalgo/Perez keep on putting out music that is as interesting and fresh sounding as Yorke/Greenwood.

**** out of *****

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