Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: Of Montreal- False Priest

First things first, as of right now, this may be the most satisfying album to any band's fanbase this year. Of Montreal have been popular in the indie community for the past decade, now taking their funky styles to new heights, the band has recorded what should be their breakthrough album. "False Priest" is an album with no dull moments, it lasts damn near an album but there is no filler, it's classic Of Montreal. The band has enlisted Solange Knowles, sister of megastar Beyonce, as well as Janelle Monae, who released the amazing "Archandroid" this year. It's a recipe for something great and it pays off.

"I Feel Ya' Strutter" is a opening funk jam with Kevin Barnes sounding like a coked up Donald Fagan. He talks through most of the song except when he's breaking into a falsetto, and it's teriffic. With its thumping bass and porn guitar, it would be right at home with Sly Stone. "Our Rioutous Defects" follows and has Barnes almost rapping and dueling with Monae into a mash of battle of the sexes who is more crazy? Apparently Monae is a "crazy girl".

"Godly Intersex" is a club banger that's sure to shake the asses. Less on the live insturments, heavy on the beats and ever surreal imagery, and heavy on the Bee Gee's like chorus. It stands to be one of the best songs of the year by far. "Hydra Fancies" is hokey and sounds like mid-80's R&B, but you can't help but get the feeling that they're trying to have fun with every other R&B style that isn't New Jack Swing on this album.

"Like A Tourist" goes back to that Sly Stone sound but reinvents it for a new sound that doesn't sound dated. Once again Barnes is singing silly for the hell of it and none of his words make much sense, but that's half the fun of listening to the band. "Sex Karma" is as awesome as it sounds, and with Beyonce's little sister taking some vocal calls, it would be silly to think that they weren't writing a single.

The ending of the album is just as fun as the start. It's a smartly sequenced album and songs like "Girl Named Hello" are basically a hangover from all the fun within the first half hour of listening to this album. "You Do Mutilate?" ends the album as three different songs, all unique and original to the band's sound in every way possible.

If you haven't checked out Of Montreal already, there's no better place to start. It's a classic album by a band who has deserved all the praise out outcry from their fans in the indie community. In a world where Lady Gaga is passing off as listenable pop music, it's refreshing as shit to hear a funky, pop album with balls that isn't pretentious and is enjoyable for all fronts. If this is any indication of the new decade for the band, I can't wait to go along for the ride.

**** 1/2 out of *****

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